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quality act and certifies the eir, this could be a venue site for the america's cup. they have tenants in all of those facilities who would be impacted by this. we are obviously very concerned about our tenants. the port has provided and will continue to provide regular updates to their tenants about information in the public records to make sure that they are aware of a host of thing you agreements. the staff has started out reached to those tenants to offer one-on-one meetings to give that information. a number of other city agencies, treasure island development authority, the redevelopment agency has experience with this kind of tenant relocation effort. if see what is approved, we would seek their advice as well. -- if seek whaceqa bid is approe would seek their advice. after the final eir is certified, the port would identify the available space and the tenants' needs. also the types of space that is available both on pork property and the private-sector turned to we currently don't have sufficient vacancies for all the tenants that would be impacted by this. any tenant relocation
. this weekend, world coming back from the brink. we're here live saturday. >> glenn: hello, america. i want to welcome you to the "glenn beck program" and tell you tonight i'm going to lay out a theory. i have a lot of facts but i want to separate from facts from theory and you have to help figure this out. something is very wrong. it has been a busy couple of weeks for the president. there is a lot going on in the world. his job to lead the free world. what is he doing? he just carted his 60th round of golf as president. who hasn't golfed at least 60 times in the last two years? then, of course, the ncaa brackets. there is always a crisis. march madness is only once a year. today is st. patty's day. president went to capitol hill to celebrate that with congressional leaders. tomorrow, it's off for a well-deserved vacation in beautiful rio de janeiro. wow! may i just ask is he bidding on the "price is right" showcase showdown or is he running the free world? tonight, you decide. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. there is a few things here i have to lay out with you. and it's disturbing. a c
jonathan shapiro on behalf of the united states of america -- and the defense lawyer had to say joe smith for this shmuck -- you get a sense that the system has bought into it. if you convict an innocent man, you have committed a far worse crime than any other crime because you have let the guilty party off scot-free. that is incorrect incredibly -- an incredibly important message. if anybody is waving the flag, it ought to be the public defender's office. their reluctance to do so, somehow, the sense that if they do so in will make them seem pro-government or some kind, i have never been able to fully grasp. >> let me ask a question. should we remake the image of the public defender in to the public crusader? is that what we want to do, do we need to, should we? >> i certainly think so. i bought into the public crusader thing when i was a child. ironically, here i am, not serving as a criminal defense attorney or public defender. i wanted to be a criminal defense attorney from the age of eight years old. i saw perry mason when i was a child. my father used to take me to the court house t
to be in securing the right to host america's cup. i was one of its earliest supporters in trying to rally the city family from the board in recognizing, i think, the benefits of us pursuing the america's cup vigorously and proud of the fact that we were able to do so collectively. i also made it clear that in the course of that pursuit, that this be a deal unlike any other for san francisco city and county and, frankly, for the bay area because of our leadership in pursuing this deal, that we are obligated in making sure that process and the governance of how this deal is to be transacted is really beyond approach in its integrity and the fact that transparency and the integrity of that transparency would always remain intact. so i think it is only fitting that because of changes that occurred between december 15 and 31st, the public has yet to benefit from a full understanding as to what the gains, the losses, the liabilities or obligations are potentially of any of those alterations of the original deal. i thank the budget analyst and his staff for working diligently to provide us with what has
tonight. glenn beck and rush limbaugh mock the tragedy in japan. >>> america, are we paying attention? rick snider of michigan, john kasich of ohio make unprecedented moves to enact draconian budget cuts, just like in wisconsin. and republicans in the united states house of representatives, i want you to hear this, they held an emergency hearing today. with all the real problems in this country, wait until you hear what this emergency hearing wa all about. we're america's natural gas. and here's what we did today in homes all across america: we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at [ male announcer ] the future of mobile computing starts now. the new motorola xoom. powered by the latest a
. >> that's a sober commentary on the economic collapse of america. >> yeah, why did you think i wouldn't be able to do something like that. >> dana, if you were the producer, i would ask you the same question. you look especially dapper. >> as do you. >> i wear this sweater to tell america it is okay to hug me. >> i feel like i am in a gay sandwich right now. >> no one knows what that means, dana. >> answer the question. >> i think that it is interesting that you can't cook up a really good men nis for america. we are a country that wants an exsew essential men nis. we miss our mennace and the chinese don't pass the test. china doesn't have a mass culture and their big idea is now capitalism which is our idea. if anything, greg, it is the other way around. >> wow. interesting. >> i know you can talk. shouldn't they just play it safe and instead of the chinese or north korean just pick like big foot or red headed people? >> yeah, and i heard the new movie "mars needs moms" and when it comes out it will be an outer space and that way you don't offend mothers or fathers and hollywood is k
. in the past two decades, america has intervened militarily on foreign land and on foreign ocean. kuwait, somalia, haiti, bosnia- herzegovina, kosovo, afghanistan, iraq. this sunday in fact, march 20th is the 8th anniversary of the u.s. shock and awe bombing of iraq. on march 20, 2003 the u.s. invaded iraq under the assumption of saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. here is former secretary of defense this week describing them. >> what happened was that everyone in greed, the u.n. that he had stockpiled and had the ability in a matter of weeks to have weapons of mass destruction. >> the ongoing press coverage of libya has eclipsed the coverage of the ongoing war in afghanistan. this sunday is the 8th anniversary of iraq war. in the afghanistan war, the number of u.s. troops that have been killed to date is 1496. in the iraq war, the number of u.s. troops that have been killed is 4439. in the calculus, the afghanistan war and iraq war combined have cost the u.s. in excess of $1 trillion. that's 1,000 billion. one billion is 1,000 million. question, does president obama have a p
in the short term, the interim basis between the america's cup 34 occurs and when long-term use may occur, your answer to that is that that is not something that is unusual. the portis does short-term leases, -- the port the short- term leases. -- upwards does short-term leases -- the port does short- term leases. in terms of liabilities and obligations, you do not see that, but what could change is the revenues, and that is not really the same vein as a change in material obligations -- that is not really the same thing? >> given the bid and scarcity of parking in this area. chair chu: ok, thank you. supervisor campos? supervisor campos: 80. let me begin by saying i have a lot of russett but. chicks' thank you. let me begin by saying i have a lot of respect -- thank you. let me begin by saying i have a lot of respect. there are people who do not want to see the america's cup come to san francisco or come to fruition, that we are providing some ammunition to present a legal challenge here, but i do think that this is that reasonable minds can disagree about whether or not material changes were
big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste you love. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. the first tablet powered by android 3.0, with a 3-d interface and a widescreen hd display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verizon. jurors heard of the damning words in court now you can to prosecutors have released the audiotape that ultimately sealed the fate of marni yang. how she did it and how she tried tied and destroy the evidence . >> said tapes were recorded by yang's close friend and confidante chris c. passion. she wore a wire during her conversations with yang. but what is clear even in melo extremely whisper is that marni yang in her own words is selling in her own words and how she killed the woman . >>9inaudible inaudible memo thae voice of marni yang say that she took one last shot at her targets had and then finished h
in america? >>> good evening. this is what an american official told us today. it would be hard to describe how alarming the situation is inside japan's nuclear power plant. teetering on the brink of a multi-reactor meltdown. that last ditch hope, the workers heading in on what he called a suicide mission. and even that may be too late. as family members of some of the workers have begun to weigh in, one of them writing tonight, "my father has accepted his fate, much like a death sentence." and, the japanese people are lining up today to be tested or to leave, but we want to talk, as well, about what this means for the united states. we're going to tell you about worst case scenarios, what it might really deliver to hawaii, to california, the rest of this country, all of that ahead. but martha raddatz leads us off, she spent the day with experts asking about the reality of what is happening tonight. martha? >> reporter: diane, the u.s. is now urgently trying to get the japanese government to find more volunteers to go into the nuclear reactors to try to stop multiple meltdowns. the next 48
america and also the caribbean. thank you so much for joining us this morning. talk about the medical aid you'll be able to provide to these countries. >> the mission is called continuing promise. we have been in the planning phase for over a year. we have been working with the u.s. southern command to work in the region in central and southern america as well as the caribbean. we're engaged in leadership to those nine countries and we talked about where we can best provide those services and get the best value. >> what kind of services will you be able to provide? >> surgical care. the top characteristics of the comfort is that we have 12 large operating rooms. we have all types of specialty on the ship. >> a big part of this mission is building bridges and relationships. why is the important? >> that is a critical part. our mission demonstrates the united states' commitment to that part of the world. this was one reason we were so successful back in haiti. we had been to haiti before and we had contacts on the ground that would build over time. >> captain, thank you so much for joining
america and central america, out in the rose garden today getting on the record, reassuring the american people and expressing solidarity with the japanese people, dylan. >> thank you, mike. joining us now is sharon squasoni, a nuclear expert with the center for strategic and international studies. thank you for taking time to meet with us this afternoon. how capable is the technology that exists right now in actually evaluating what the threat is there? in other words, is criticism of the japanese government or the american government or whoever it is well placed, or do we not even have the ability to know what might happen here or what the risks are? >> those are all great questions. the truth of the matter is this is a very quickly moving crisis. things change from hour to hour. but in terms of the radiation threat, i think we definitely know how to monitor that. the problem at those plants is that the radiation is high enough to endanger the workers. and so, that is what has been slowing down some of their efforts. it also has an effect on a lot of different things. you know, when yo
reimbursement by the america's cup organizing committee. the direct reimbursements should not be part of this proposed mou. there is a limitation on the amount that would be transferred from the general fund. and our estimate is to put a threshold. there would be a 10% contingency over the three years. finally, we request the comptroller and the port to amend the -- and all the provisions relating to appear 27. we consider approval for this to be a policy decision. this is between our suggestions to allow the comptroller and the port to make amendments. >> thank you very much. is there anything that you would add? >> thank you. only that we appreciate the work. we agree with the recommendations. >> why don't we open this up for public comment? >> public comment is closed. so, we have the reimbursement and payment in lieu of rent that we have complemented -- contemplated before. this spells out what we mean in terms of a definition of what the loss would be. those are pretty reasonable calculations and a pretty reasonable formula. from my understanding, the port agrees with the budget
. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the presiding officer: the clerk will read a communication to the senate. the clerk: washington, d.c., march 17, 2011. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable tom udall, a senator from the state of new mexico, to perform the duties of the chair. signed: daniel k. inouye, president pro tempore. mr. mcconnell: mr. president? the presiding officer: the republican leader is recognized. mr. mcconnell: it was a great honor to have thad austin of murfreesboro, tennessee, provide the opening prayer this morning. i -- i thank him for his wise words. i first met the reverend austin as an alma mater at the university in willmore, kentucky, when i visited there in 2007. it is to engage the world and serve the world through public service. our guest chaplain has pursued that mission with great success. maybe it is a family calling.
stations, smalltown and rural america where it's more expensive to broadcast and where they rely on this funding to be able to produce the programs. it would not just hammer n.p.r., but it would deny them the ability to use the funds for that subversive show, "prairie home companion," for "this american life," for "the car guys." it would prohibit them from producing locally produced content from other public broadcasting stations. this is lunacy. it unravels is carefully crafted partnership which has delivered year after year. it's why the american public strongly supports this investment, this one half cent per day. in fact, 78% of the american public want it maintained or increased. and most interestingly, that same bipartisan poll showed that 2/3 of american republicans support keeping the funding or increasing it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york reserves. the gentleman from florida is recognized. mr. nugent: i just reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida reserves. the gentlela
talking about organized crime. laundering things through south america and bringing them into america. >> hey, how much? >> reporter: back at the flea market, we are undercover, too. we're looking for a brown one. suddenly vendors start to pack up. where are you going? >> they said the cops are here so we're packing. >> reporter: some take off running. they don't get far. police arrest six suspects in all. when we talked to them, most deny selling counterfeits or being part of a larger network. >> i didn't sell anything to anybody. >> reporter: because of north carolina's tough stance, they could face felony charges. do you realize what a risk that is in this state? >> now i do. >> reporter: authorities say often the vendors are low-level players, forced to sell to pay off a debt. are they making you work out here selling this stuff? >> it's not even my stuff. >> reporter: later, at a secret warehouse nearby, officers count and catalog all the merchandise, now evidence in criminal cases. the final tally? more than $700,000 in confiscated counterfeits. counterfeiters are getting way be
the bid for the 34th america's cup for the city. right before the board acted on december 14, we did have a short series of discussions, first by phone, and later in person, with representatives of the event authority. the night before, as a matter of fact. the night before the 14th, we sat down with representatives of the team, and we negotiated a few changes to the northern waterfront alternative, and we came and presented those changes as proposed amendments to the full board. but again, we emphasize at that time that we did not have the teams agreement. -- the team's agreement. it was, i think, quite gratifying for city staff that the board unanimously supported the proposed bid. there was a signing ceremony that was held here in city hall that was pretty exciting as well. and what followed that was really a series of negative stories in major media outlets where the event authority -- major representatives of the event authority were criticizing the city for its bid, and that the bid fell short. maybe one of the more compelling quotations was that the city was holding on by its finge
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servicemerchant marines to help with the merchant -- my mistake leaving on a trip down to haiti and south america, latin america and we will help with continuous promise 2011. >> reporter: i know a lot of people here are familiar with the ship because this is its home. and they see the exterior and big red cross. give us a picture of what it looks like inside and what goes on in there. >> it's a hospital from the stern and i help with the other merchant marines who bring the ship to where it need to be. the hospital has to get to the country to bring the care and service that the united states provides. >> reporter: and you have played a big role the last time. a year and a half ago -- last time a year and a half ago. what was that like to be a part of that and knowing the ship was heading to a place that needed help? >> well, in january last year, i was one of many ashore helping get the ship underway. now today is i will be on the ship as opposed to ashore. >> right. and -- >> reporter: ride, and that gibbs you a new perspective. that has -- right, and that gives you a new perspective and that
the every-changing situation in japan. we'll have live updates on "america this morning" and later on "good morning america." also stay up to date any time at >>> moving on to other news beginning with libya. four "new york times" journalists who have been covering the fighting there are now missing. pull its zero prize winning reporter anthony shadid, stephen farrell and photographers tyler hicks and linsey add dario were last heard from on tuesday. meanwhile, moammar gadhafi's forces have been battling rebels in a key city in eastern libya. there could be a vote today in the u.n. security council on whether to impose a no-fly zone over libya. >>> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton was in cairo talking through an unscheduled stroll -- taking an unscheduled stroll through tahrir square, the symbolic center of egypt's revolution. she urged egyptians to not let extremists ruin what they've already accomplished. clinton saying she will not stay on as the nation's top diplomat if president obama is re-elected. she also says she has no interest in another run for the whit
to flip a switch and try to turn on the damaged pumps at the nuclear site. with backup pumps from america on the way. as new video shows what's happening inside the reactors. who will be the new volunteers to go in and brave the radiation? and throughout japan, more anxiety, less food and water. as the president tells americans there is no sign dangerous radiation is coming here. >>> good evening, as we come on the air tonight, the u.s. navy is now racing to the rescue in japan. where there is word that electricity is about to return to the fukushima nuclear plant, and the u.s. is flying in five giant pumps from a navy base in nagasaki. they are pumps that can deliver enormous amounts of water, as we watched today the helicopters trying to spray water, but to no avail. our reporters are out in force on the story tonight. and we will go to japan in a moment. but first, martha raddatz who has been talking all day to the u.s. officials who are now helping the japanese. >> reporter: diane, every day, the nuclear monster seems to get more frightening. but there is some hope tonight from that b
with good morning america. it has been a challenging year and a half for woods. he crashed his suv in florida in november of 2009, and that lead to the revelations about several extramarital affairs and eventually a divorce from his wiewf, elin. woods says being a single father is tough, but he enjoys it. >> i just love being with them and seeing what they are doing and what they are capable of doing. the shifts of interest. that's what is fun. we have a great time together, and that's what is the most important. family is first. that's the way it was when i was growing up. my family, my mom and dad, were always there and always present for me. that's what i am with my kids now. >> as for golf, woods is working on getting his game back on track. he hasn't won a major event in nearly three years. woods says his goal is to reclaim his spot as the number one golfer in the world. >>> if you are a golfer it has been tough for you this week finding time when it is not wet. >> and it is not getting any better. today could be a good day to go outside. another storm is coming, but for today
star sat down with good morning america. it has been a challenging year and a half for woods. he crashed his suv in florida in november of 2009, and that lead to the revelations about several extramarital affairs and eventually a divorce from his wiewf, elin. woods says being a single father is tough, but he enjoys it. >> i just love being with them and seeing what they are doing and what they are capable of doing. the shifts of interest. that's what is fun. we have a great time together, and that's what is the most important. family is first. that's the way it was when i was growing up. my family, my mom and dad, were always there and always present for me. that's what i am with my kids now. >> as for golf, woods is working on getting his game back on track. he hasn't won a major event in nearly three years. woods says his goal is to reclaim his spot as the number one golfer in the world. >>> if you are a golfer it has been tough for you this week finding time when it is not wet. >> and it is not getting any better. today could be a good day to go outside. another storm is comin
is not right now able to fully supply the demand america has for its cars and parts. we are learning this is not just a japanese car problem. whether it is nissan, korea, honda or beyond, the store is -- the story is similar for japanese car dealers leigh baltimore. >> right now there's a pretty good availability. the production from 90 days and beyond that is the big question. >> since the tsunami, many automotive factories have shut down production for at least into next week. hybrid models are made in japan and the salesman here just learned the plant that makes the fuel-efficient cars was wiped out. adding to the supply issues that high gas prices have helped create. >> it will get to the point where we have to order them and wait several months for them to come in. >> the majority of models are made at u.s. plants due to a delay getting parts that come from japan. >> everyone has questions about how japan is going to impact the american market. we don't know. as of right now, we are ready to do business. >> from buying cars to repairing them, body shop and car owners will feel t
? cash? he want cash! want better rewards? peggy? switch to discover. america's number 1 cash rewards program. it pays to discover. >>> today, "the daily beast" published its list of the most vulnerable plants in the u.s. top of the list, indian point facility, north of new york city. less than two miles from a fault line, and within 50 miles of more than 17 million people. governor andrew cuomo just ordered a complete safety review of that plant. number two was the san onofre plant in southern california near the san andreas fault line. here is how the nuclear commission director responded when barbara boxer asked him how many people live near that nuclear facility. >> i am asking you, do you know how many people live within 50 miles of san onofre nuclear power plant? >> i do not know. >> well, i'm going to tell you how many people. 7.4 million people.ç and we have a state report, we have a state report that says to us that the nrc has not looked at their recommendations, the california energy commission, that they sent. this was what year they sent this? 2008. >> despite that risk
secretary said the crisis seems to have been more serious than america's worst nuclear accident in 1979. this is down to a small rotating team of workers. what are their options for bringing the crisis under control. a neat row of reactors, have the power station used to look. compare it to the picture today. in the middle of the picture a cloud of steam from one unit. today came the first official assessment from outside japan of how bad things really are. worse than america's most serious nuclear reactor sent -- nuclear accident. >> as they are unfolding rapidly and conflicting reports, so we don't know in detail what is happening. >> we have a state of emergency declared. some radioactivity was released but it involved just one reactor and not four. the range of options for attacking the crisis is shrinking. they are pumping in water to cool the reactors. the aim is to keep water flowing through to reduce temperatures but this creates steam and too much could trigger an explosion. another option is to deploy it more workers but that is hazardous. reactor three is getting off so much
and powerful forces, one, this was a homegrown revolution. it wasn't done by america. it wasn't done by cia. it wasn't done by russia. this was by egyptians for egyptians, number one, number two, this was based on universal principles. these are people who wanted freedom, dignity and the right to run their own lives. it wasn't about down with israel or down with america. it was about up with egypt and up with me and lastly, this revolution in egypt has a missed narrative. over 400 of these young people died in tahrir square fighting for this opportunity. they've lost more kids in tahrir fighting for democracy than the egyptian army has lost in 27 years. you put together a homegrown movement based on universal principles with this kind of myth narrative of fighting for democracy and dying for it and you put it in egypt which is the center of the arab world and you have a very powerful force. and that's why i wrote at the time, this is not las vegas, what happens in egypt does not stay in egypt and as long as what happens in egypt has an upward, positive slope to it, you are going to see this
. sanjay gupta and jim walsh all ahead. we'll be right back. we're america's natural gas. and here's what we did today: we put almost three million americans to work... ...adding nearly 400 billion dollars to the economy. generated over two and a half million kilowatts of electricity... ...enough energy to power a quarter of america. we gave your kids a cleaner ride to school. kept the lights on during a calm day at the wind farm. heated 57 million u.s. homes. simmered grandma's chicken noodle soup. melted tons of recycled glass. roasted millions of coffee beans. provided electricity for nearly 29 million home computers. heated your bathwater. cooked your takeout. lit your way home. we helped america import less of its energy. cleared the air by burning cleaner than other fuel sources, with less pollutants and no mercury. and tomorrow, we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at [ male announcer ] sometimes history is made in the sky. ♪ in a lab. ♪ in a living room. we have lift-of
. and that's what the real war is about. against capitalism. you should hear what he says about america. and so much more. it's at to call black liberation theology, a guy who has done it on television now for the last few years, that was crazy. that was crazy. when i first said that's marxism, taken the shots. mm-hmm. that was obama's church for 20 years. marxist and socialist. now they're finally admitting it. thank you for the truth, reverend jeremiah wright. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i said it yesterday and i think i should say it again. the president may have been hit with a tranquilizer dart or -- maybe a stun gun. i'm not sure. his fans in the press always called his calmness "measured. thoughtful." i think it's about time we start to consider the possibility of sedation. might be. it's bizarre to watch how he is behaving. while the globe is melting down all around him. you remember his excuse for not talking about libya. he actually said he had a scheduling conflict. and so he couldn't talk about libya. tiffany, tiffany, sky god producing tiffany, are
campaña o programa. >> el presidente barack obama visitara el resto de america, ira a chile, brasil y el salvador . >> para unir más las relaciónes con estos países. >> adelanto de la acción deportiva . >> hablaremos de jaguars . >> ya volvemos . >> el monterrey se impuso al cruz azul . >> pero le ganamos al america . >> (risas) . >> ¿qué tal? soy enrique gutiérrez . >> vamos, monterrey y cruz azul, con el partido de ida. >> se abre el marcador para la pandilla. >ó> al 56 santana. ,>> la defensa no puede mostrar acción . >> jaguars de chiapas, necesitaba un punto para mantenerse con vida. >> se ganan los tres puntos y jaguars casi eliminados. >> en la champions league, se vención al olimpic del lyon. >> el real madrid avanza a los cuartos de final de la champions league . >> el sorteo será la próxima semana. >> les saluda enrique gutiérrez . >> ♪. >> el tiempo. >> ♪. >> ♪. >> estoy lista para las vacaciones. >> acá esta guillermo quiroz . >> gracias ¿qué tal? buenas noches saludos a todos, viene la segunda tormenta en camino, cerca de alaska, viene el siguiente sist
that of the present -- professionals in central and south america, and caribbean, to help thousands in need. part of the mission is building relationships with country before disaster strikes. >> knowing that you are going to heal and provide comfort, it is hard to put into words, but it is gratifying just seeing the look in their face. knowing that they have good care and they have no worries. >> as of now, the comfort is not good will to be deployed to japan. a man is under arrest after a narcotics bust in glen burnie. thomas satyr field faces charges of possession with intent to distribute. police say detectives executed a warrant and discovered 200 grams of marijuana, 97 ecstasy and ocsla code on palace, a handgun, and nearly six to $300 in cash in his home. police arrest a man they say attack his mother and then set her home on fire. jordan jenkins choked his mother until she passed out. then he said her clothing and bedroom on fire. in criticaled condition with burns to her face and arms. jenkins faces several charges including murder. stephanie rawlings blank faces charges on funding issue
to smaller stations, rural, small town america, where they do not have the financial base to be able to provide robust public broadcasting. host: that was from the house floor yesterday. back to your calls. republican, susan, va. good morning. caller: good morning. when you hear people calling in and asking where are the jobs, why do we not dissect what republicans and the tea party members are trying to do in congress to give us jobs? they are trying to bring down what we owe as a country. 70 cents of every dollar. people do not get that. $5 million or npr -- whenever the amount -- $5 million for npr, whatever the amount, every little bit counts. when you see what people are doing at their kitchen tables, they do cut $5 a year, $10 here. in washington, that is $5 million here, $10 million here. i agree with the caller who said -- george soros, all the wonderful millionaires and billionaires -- bill gates. they should put their money, instead of in other countries in the world, back here in the united states, supporting npr and the wonderful programs that everybody is trying to strik
over the america's cup. it is the authority of the chair to make the changes if the chair sees fit, and it is understandable, but in this particular case, by us not knowing until we came here that this was being moved up, and that the representative body of the chief executive's office is helping administer both of america's cup and the twitter deal in itself, it would have been, i think, more thoughtful and considerate of letting us know in advance that the schedule was being adjusted for this. you know that we have people coming later in the hearing because the hearing on america's cup would take more time as well, and it comes preceding the twitter deal that is now before us right now. it does not look right, but we understand that based on the critical process, that authority can be exercised. i would ask those in charge to reconsider taking this out of order. whoever did make that request of taking this out of order should have at least had, i think, the basic courtesy of informing me and my office, since we are the one who commissioned the america's cup report, and yet, we we
. >> we've got an interesting situation globally with north america importing much less than had been expected now because of rising domestic production and so, therefore, there is some slack in the system. and there's already talk about middle east producers, particularly quatar shifting volumes that were destined for the atlantic basin to japan. >> reporter: in a northerlial market, natural gas prices move with oil prices. but oil fell shortly after the quake, since japan will need less oil in the near term as factories are shut, refineries are damaged. and what about coal? could it see a renaissance? emerging countries like china produce and use coal, sho so does the united states. will japan become an enbieger coal importer? coal prices are expected to rise even before it's clear. >> it can take somewhere around three to five years to build a coal fired power plant. i think in japan where they have to think about a change in the generation mix, it's not clear where coal is going to fit in from that perspective. >> reporter: the big question now for long-term supply in prices, will
if america's most prescribed e.d. treatment is right for you. >>> in the "spotlight" tonight, the most dangerous job in the world. on tuesday, approximately 800 workers at the fukushima nuclear plant were evacuated, leaving only 50 people to prevent a full blown meltdown in six reactors. the koch -- tokyo company has not released names or more information. five workers died since the earthquake and two are missing. 11 workers were injured in a hydrogen explosion at reactor three, and one worker was hospitalized after grasping his chest and finding himself unable to stand. members of japan's self defense force, police officers and firefighters have joined the workers on site to battle flames and spray water at the reactors. u.s. military personnel and aircraft that have flown over the reactor are being checked for radiation. joining me now, michael freedlander, former plant operator in the united states over 13 years. thanks for joining us, michael. could you tell us what goes through the mind of these workers? they know enough about the place where they've been working that what they'r
in afghanistan. al qaeda an international organization and, yes, they are a threat to america. the taliban is only a threat to us as long as we continue our military occupation in afghanistan. after more than nine years of military occupation in afghanistan, can we really continue to claim to be acting in self-defense? the premise that the presence of our troops on the ground keeps us safer at home has been repudiated by recent terrorist attacks on the united states all done by people other than afghans. outraged at continuing u.s. military occupation of predominantly muslim countries. that's not to justify what they do, but it is to clarify the condition that we have in afghanistan. for how long are we going to continue to dedicate hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives before we realize we can't win afghanistan militarily? at the end of the year, the administration and u.s. military leaders were touting peace talks to end the war with high level taliban leaders. these leaders turned out to be fake. a november, 2010 article in "the new york times" detailed joint u.s. an af
but the man tells the truth. nothing to worry about here in america. from new york, good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: this is a "fox news alert." u.n. security vote is getting underway on a proposed no-fly zone over libya and authorization to use "all necessary measures." this is muammar gaddafi vowing to retake the rebel held city of benghazi, offering amnesty to those who surrender and no mercy to others. only hours after he warned foreign powers that any outside attack would trigger retaliation and destabilization of the region. but first, we turn to japan. where emergency workers are feverishly trying to cool down overheating fuel rods at the earthquake and tsunami-stricken nuclear plant. a u.n. nuclear official says the situation is "very serious." but appears to be stable. for now. the u.s. authorized the first evacuations of americans out of japan and president obama says he has asked for a comprehensive review of u.s. nuclear plant safety. correspondent greg palkot is in japan with the latest. >> reporter: there were desperate measures thursday in t
of the audience watching these shows. people in america are hanging on this information. we have never felt this need to know this information before, luckily. we've been very fortunate. thank you. do you think we should have nuclear energy in this country? >> i do. i do. you know, we've had an excellent safety record on the reactors over the last 30 years. they've been reliable, 90% capacity factors. it's a reliable form of fuel, we have energy security, zero carbon effect. >> we'll have you back on to debate this. i think it will become a hot issue politically. >> thank you for having me back. >> thank you, jerry merrifield. >>> coming up, how high is the radiation risk around that nuclear plant, again, and even in tokyo itself, the capital of the country? can we trust -- this is the big one coming up. we have great reporters coming up on this. can we trust the japanese government or any government, but the japanese government? we're going to get to the issues of cultural self-reliance and why the japanese government has been so reticent to ask for international help from the first notion
pride, but pride builds great cars. and you'll find it in the people at toyota, all across america. >> auto companies make huge profits. >> last year, chevron made a lot of money. >> where does it go? >> every penny and more went into bringing energy to the world. >> the economy is tough right now, everywhere. >> we pumped $21 million into local economies, into small businesses, communities, equipment, materials. >> that money could make a big difference to a lot of people. >> and by bnsf railway. pacific life. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: japanese engineers marshaled all their remaining tools today in the week-long struggle to prevent a full-blown nuclear disaster. and in washington, president obama sought to reassure americans about the po
>>> good morning, america. and this morning, breaking news. are we watching a suicide mission in japan? helicopter pilots in harm's way, dumping sea water. and a frantic scramble to stop a nuclear meltdown. >>> we take you inside the radiation zone, where cameras capture the panic. the mile-long line for groceries. the rush for drinkable water. and the expanding exodus that now reaches three airports in tokyo. the u.s. tells americans to evacuate the danger zone and sends in planes to get them out of japan. >>> and two exclusive interviews. tiger and trump. we go airborne with donald trump, who is sounding more like a candidate for president. >> part of the beauty of me is that i'm very rich. if i need $600 million, i can put up $600 million myself. >> and tiger tees off about his frustrations on the golf course. and the challenge of living life as a single dad. >>> and good morning, america, e on this st. patrick's day. the latest developments this morning. steam still rising from three of those nuclear reactors. one of those, worse, in fact. it shows the plant at a very crit
. there were some recent reports suggesting that organizing for america, democratic national committee project, designed to reelect president obama, was helping to foment the protests in wisconsin. these unions are spending big-time money to elect politicians because they know the politicians will deliver big-time benefits. but the chickens are coming home to roost as we are seeing in state after state, the markets have something to say about these exclusive relationships and the benefits they secure. the credit rating agencies have announced that they will begin factoring unfunded pension obligations into the calculations they use to rate the creditworthiness of states. this is significant because the total value of state bond debt is estimated to be aroun around $1 billion while pension debt is at least two or three times that amount. state credit ratings reveal another aspect of state budget crisis. the five states that prohibit collected bargaining over retirement benefits has moody's highest credit rating. california an illinois, which allow collective bargaining over retirement benefits
independent. the future of america can be great. we can see this city as ronald reagan said it 20, 30, 40 years is a shining city on a hill if we move toward energy independence, that one thing alone would help solve our problems, our economic problems, and it's a defense issue as well as a national economic issue. so like i said, if i were talking to the president tonight and i presume from time to time the white house does watch what we're doing on the floor, i would say, mr. president, if you love this country, and i believe you do, i would start doing what's necessary to move toward energy independence. and you will be revered as a great president if you do that, and you'll probably get re-elected. but if we continue with this huge deficit spending that in large part is caused by our dependence on foreign oil, then you run the risk of being a one-term president. so i think the president, being a patriotic citizen as i believe and hope he is, will take to heart what we're talking about in this body and become as close as possible to energy independence within the next three, four, five
it. >> america's top nuclear advisor said unit four may have lost the water and significant if not. >> steve: empty. >> information is limited but he believes there is a crack in the spent fuel. that is the american side. japanese side and the nuclear safety and electric power company are denying that the water is gone . then the spokesman said the condition is stable in unit four and like you mentioned you need to evacuate if you live closer than -- >> steve: what about 25 miles. >> no, 12-19. >> brian: and going to full meltdown you have to get further than that. if they continue to allow the water to be low . water cannons and they are trying to fill it up. they know the dangerous. if they are dragging a line to reestablish electric power there and use it on a cooling system. if they don't, you might have a situation where you can't be around there for decades. it is just so clear, too. journalist are getting upset with the lack of information from tepco and the japanese government. as i mentioned the prime minister blew up. i am watching television and i am seeing an explosion
at other stories making news early today in america. in tennessee, a robbery attempt ended up looking more like a shoot-out at the o.k. corral. the store owner wrestled with the suspects before pulling his own gun and firing close to ten shots. the suspect returned fire, but quickly retreated. this was the fourth robbery attempt the store owner has faced. police are still searching for the two suspects. >>> in california, a 40-foot section of highway gave away, creating a huge headache for drivers in the area. officials believe pieces of roadway have been breaking off most of the day before the majority of it fell into the pacific ocean. a lengthy repair job is expected to keep that section of highway 1 closed for several days. >>> to south carolina, one nonprofit organization is head to the front lines of japan's water crisis. in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami disaster, approximately 1.5 million people are without power. the charleston based group is responding to the country's needs by sending personnel and 10 to 14 water purification systems. >>> now for a look at your national
. this is the age of taking actn. viagra. talk to your docr. see if america's most prescribed e.d. treatment is right for you. with the velocity of a 1-ghz dual core processor, 3-d graphics engine, gyroscope, and a widescreen hd display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verizon. >> greta: that is 3,000 protesters the capitol. no, no not wisconsin. this time it is michigan. thousands came out to protest governor snyder's plan to tax pensions and weak collective bargaining rights. one screaming it is the republican reverse robinhood. steal from the poor and working-class and give it to rich and wealthy. detroit news staff writer joins us. what karen what provoked this? what is the governor's plan that has enraged these people >> there are a number of different things. the governor has budget plan that includes taxes to -- on pensions for seniors. he also encouraged the legislature to pass a law which was just approved yesterday, which will grant enormous powers to emergency financial managers in communities and school districts so they can dissolve government. they will be able to toss out ba
. >> the government is in the way of job creators in america. and as someone who understands what uncertainty does to small employers, obviously more regulations, higher tax creates more uncertainty. when you look at our efforts as the new majority here in the congress, our number one goal is to create an environment, assist in creating an environment where employers can begin to hire again. and what i need to do in order to do that, i think we need to stop the spending binge here in washington. >> the senate's top democrat harry reid says he's open to changing social security 20 years from now. speaking on msnbc's "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell last night, majority leader reid emphatically rejected changes to the program anytime soon. >> i have said clearly and as many times as i can, leave social security alone. social security has not added a single penny, not a dime, a nickel, a dollar to the budget problems we have. it never has. for the next 30 years it won't do that. two decades from now i'm willing to take a look at it. i'm not willing to take a look at it right now. >> reid's rem
america." >>> in libya this morning, where four "new york times" reporters are now missing. pulitzer prize winner, anthony shadid, steven farrell, tyler hicks, and lindsay addario, went missing on tuesday. >>> and britain's prince william has gotten a firsthand look at the earthquake damage in christchurch, new zealand. he's on a tour, offering well-wishes to the victims of last month's quake. and will also meet australian flood victims, too. the future king called the destruction, quote, unbelievable. >>> now, to a sure sign that spring is already in the air. first lady, michelle obama, planted her white house vegetable garden for the third-straight year. and, of course, she had lots of helping hands from two dozen fifth graders. mrs. obama is also writing a book about the garden and healthy eating. so far, the garden has produced 2,000 pounds of veggies. >> nice. >>> it will be even nicer today for the vegetables in that garden. getting plenty of sunshine, as the temperatures rise on the east coast. looking at the rest of the nation. showers in chicago, detroit and milwaukee. light rain
record. i would emphasize emerging asia, and i like korea in particular. i would emphasize latin america where i like brazil in particular. >> susie: all right that was the question i was going to ask you. you jump add head of me i was talking to a money manager today who was saying that he is less worried about japan and more worried about what's going on in the middle east in libya and bahrain and with oil prices. does that concern you? do you agree with what he is saying? >> oh, of course. if oil were to suddenly become unavailable and prices were to spike, say back to where they were three years agoing when they hit roughly 150 dollars a barrel f that were to happen overnight t would strike a pretty tough blow if he world economy and world market. but if all we have is more of the same and i do think that's what's more likely, just more of the same anxieties, but nothing dramatically changes, then i think we'll cope with it. as long as we have time to adjust to gradually higher oil prices rather than to have to deal with suddenly sharply higher prices overnight. >> susie: now, stu, s
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